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After a three-year period of down time, the first-ever WWW page devoted to the old American Football League has returned at a new home. Make sure to change any bookmarks you may have had to this page!

That's right, the "real" AFL, as to not to confuse this with the current Arena Football League, which currently dubs itself as the AFL. You remember the old AFL, don't you? It was the "rebel" league that eight businessmen started in the late-'50s. It was the league that had successfully challenged the NFL, later merging with it in 1970. It was the league that featured high-flying, air-it-out offenses. It was the league that beat the mighty NFL in the Super Bowl when many said it couldn't be done. Yeah, now you remember! This page will look back at the AFL teams and the standings for their ten years of great football.
That's right! On Monday, January 22, 2001, before Super Bowl XXXV, featured a two-part article on how the AFL had the biggest impact on pro football today called "The AFL - A Football Legacy."
Click here to view part one of the article!
Click here to view part two of the article!


AFL Hall Of Fame Remember The AFL
AFL diehard Ange Coniglio has constructed an awesome site honoring the greatest players the AFL has ever seen. As he states, the AFL Hall of Fame site is always open. Visit it today!
Also visit his AFL HOF Photos site! You'll love it!

1968 AFL Montage
1969 AFL Montage

I hope his page will refresh some memories of the league. Even if it doesn't, this page should be seen as a reference page in the history of pro football.
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